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If you've requested a commission from me by any means, then you have read the entirety of this page, agreed to my terms, and won't alter anything outside of my knowledge or approval.


The Terms of Service Agreement (*agreement*) is initiated between the artist(*me*) and the client(*you*) for the commission of an artwork(*work*). By commissioning the artist, the client has agreed to the following:

Commissions arOPEN!

- Before I start on the commission, I'll ask if you read and agree with the Terms of Service and the Commission Prices to confirm that you understand and accept the terms. I'll also ask if you've checked the Waiting List to see where you might potentially place in line if need be. Like it or not, the commission will NOT move further until this is done.


- I will ONLY accept commissions submitted by my form via Google Forms. 

- You will provide detailed information and resources for the commission. Exact instructions of what you want, along with any assets or references. I will NOT work off of vague directions or shallow hints, so know what you want.


- If you are the current client, allow me at most three days of silence if I haven't gotten back in touch with you since we last spoke. I'm not trying to blow you off. Besides being an artist, I also have a job and help around the house for my family. So please understand that I might be preoccupied and might not always reach you when you want. But I'll do my best to keep in touch.

If your commission is currently not underway -- do NOT rush me at all. I'm working on other commissions that came before yours. Knowing this and being aware of the Waiting List -- you chose to wait your turn, understanding that commissions may take longer than expected, and will do so on both. Failure to respect this will result in a warning. Continued failure will resort with your commission being rejected and you possibly blacklisted.


- Commissions are digital only and will NOT be printed. You will receive a .PNG file of the completed commission. Afterwards, you are free to print it yourself.


- If you post your commission, in any way, shape, or form – you must clearly and adequately credit me on your profile or the page featuring the art.


- You have no right to trace/edit my work without my permission whether it's your completed commission, anything involved with the progress of such, or not at all. Any act that violates this rule will result in you being blacklisted.


- You are free to use/update any designs I made in your commissions in other art pieces. Just don't edit the commission itself!


- I'll keep your commission private if you request it. Just please tell me BEFORE I post it.


- Any commission I work on, or any art I own, will NOT be used for N.F.T.s or A.I. Art by clients, friends of a client, random persons, or any other possible third party.


- When I'm ready to start, I will provide the required info needed for you to provide payment as well as updates on the progress of your commission.


- Paypal only. No exceptions. (On a personal level, there are no Friend of Family discounts.)


- All prices are in the United States Dollar (USD). Payment can be paid upfront or half at the start of the commission and the other half at any time BEFORE you receive the finished product. Whatever is more convenient. Do NOT pay me unless I'm ready to start your commission!


- You guarantee that you will NOT issue chargebacks, or anything other methods to take the money back and that the refund policy, see below, will be adhered to.


- All commissions that must be done quickly WILL have to pay the RUSH FEE, depending on the time limit and if any other clients are waiting. (Please check commission prices to see the actual rush fee.) Commissions that require a time limit will NOT be accepted if I have too many clients waiting. Also, know that I live in the US Eastern Time zone.

- I won't start on anything until I have your submission form. Do NOT try to ask me through e-mail or personal messages via social media sites, thinking that will count.


- It is your responsibility to check the Waiting List and to keep up with any possible changes. Do not ask me to check for you.


- Read the rules of the Waiting List to get a better understanding of how long you will be potentially waiting. Located at the top of the page.


- Commission progress is separated into five phases: Roughs, Sketches, Line art and Inks, Color Flats, and Finishing Details. Updates will automatically be provided for each phase, and you understand that I will NOT move forward after any update until you provide feedback. Taking longer than two days to respond to me will result in your commission being put on hold.


- I will make only minor adjustments (changing colors, line thickness, etc.) after the sketch is completed. Otherwise, a REDO FEE, which can increase depending on when you ask me, will be charged if you wish for me to go back. (Please check commission prices to see the actual redo fee.) So if want the drawing itself to change, bring it up before the sketch phase is over!


- I'll ALWAYS sign my work unless you need it on a transparency. Otherwise, I'll be sure to provide you with a transparent copy, unsigned, and a normal copy with my signature. You will be given both and know that both copies follow the same rules of the Terms of Service.



Cancellation and Refund Policy

- You can cancel at any time. However, you only have until the end of the Roughs phase to ask for a refund. After that point, the payment becomes NON-REFUNDABLE if you choose to cancel or not. The roughs never take too long, so be sure that you want to commit to this before asking me!

- Original Characters(Must have permission from the OC's creator if it's not yours!) / Canon/Established Characters / Real Life People(Depends on who they are. Both hetero and LGBT+ are fine for all categories.)


- Character Couples (Just keep it civil. Nothing that sounds like it should be from the darkest corners of DeviantArt.)


- Characters with Exaggerated Proportions TO AN EXTENT (For example -- I'm fine with characters that are voluptuous like Jessica Rabbit, or bulky and muscular like the Hulk. However, I will NOT draw characters that I feel go too far, even further than the examples mentioned, unless you're cool with me toning them down.)


- Certain Gore (Fight/action scenes are fine. Horror scenes to an extent. Victims in danger are fine. Victims getting killed are not.)


- Pin-ups/Modeling (Clothes/Swimsuit modeling is as far as I'll go. Can be sultry, but casual and not something that goes too far. Adult Human/Human-like only. No innuendos or exposing sexual bits.)


- Fantasy / Sci-fi


- Anthro / Furry

- Heavy Lewd (No full nudity, porn, exposed sexual bits or fetish scenes.)


- Underage Lewd (I don't care if they're fictional. I don't care if they're old or immortal but just happen to look like a child or whatever. No. End of discussion.)


- Political Mouthpiece Art


- Realistic characters (As I said above, I'll draw real people, and they will have detail. They just won't look realistic.)


- N.F.T.s


- Art for people with suspicious backgrounds or anything that I'm just not comfortable with. (Anyone trying to find loopholes will get hit with this immediately.)

What I WILL Draw:

What I WILL NOT Draw:

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