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Born in Brandon, FL. 1989

2013-2016 Studied and Graduated at the Art Institute of Tampa


What's up? I'm Adam "YoshiUnity" Fitts and I’m a Freelance Digital Artist. I've always enjoyed making art for the creative freedom. I can work outside reality, designing worlds and characters unlike anything else. Being inspired by artist all over the world, I adapted methods they would use build a style of my own. Fine tuning my craft through detail and research.

My like to think that my demographic is teens to adults as my characters and environments tend to be designed with an edge you would normally find on comics covers and movie poster. And a strong cover always makes a powerful first impression. It is also just as important for its layout to tell a story as it is to look visually impressive. I will never forget that as I move forward. Working with others. Creating Worlds. Having fun.


- Adam "YoshiUnity" Fitts

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